In late 2017 the TEACH group, which stands for Teaching Engineering Avant-garde Challenge Host, was created to analyse the ongoing teaching experience at the Politecnico di Torino. The related research field is the so-called “Engineering Education”, a multi-disciplinary worldly spread field in which engineering considers all the implications of engineering in education, from kindergarten to lifelong learning.

Current research topics are college access validation, reverse inclusion, lecturers’ teaching experiences, international cooperation, and spatial abilities.

The TEACH research group proposes some final reports for bachelor students in the field of Engineering Education related to Gamification, Spatial Ability, and Gender Gap in Engineering. For more information, contact us.



Final report discussions

Eugenio Varetti and Virginia Mercante discussed online their final reports on June 2nd 2021. 


STEMM games at Fondazione Collegio Universitario Einaudi

On September 27th, the first edition of the STEMM games will take place at Fondazione Collegio Universitario Einaudi. Students will face five different challenges, each one based on the five different categories: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine.