17/06/2019 - 21/06/2019

Girl summer School "SAperI: Spatial Ability per l'Ingegneria"

PoliWo is organizing a summer school for 4th-year high school girls based on Prof. Sorby spatial ability course.

The goals of the training are: greater knowledge of one's potential and improve personal spatial ability.

Structure of the week:




Lunedì 17 giugno  

Introduction and Module A (Isometric drawing and coded plan)  


Martedì 18 giugno  

Module B (Rotation of objects about a single axis)   

Trail-o (orienteering)  

Mercoledì 19 giugno  

Module C (Orthographic drawings)  

Graphical problem solving  

Giovedì 20 giugno  

Module D (Rotation of objects about two or more axes)  

Origami e Touch Sketch  

Venerdì 21 giugno  

Module E (Flat patterns); test e prizegiving


Published on: 08/06/2019